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The Times Momentous Editorial Today Slamming Woke Culture


The Times Momentous Editorial Today Slamming Woke Culture

We should, and I hope many  will, heap on criticism of the New York Times’ behavior in the past few years. I hope it will be sufficient so similar behavior will never again happen. However while long overdue , today’s editorial is welcome and what sounds like a sincere attempt to correct their previous fear of, or loyalty to, the woke agenda. I may even start reading the Times again. I may even watch Bill Maher (or maybe not.  He’s a bright guy but he’s bull headed. meaning once he becomes convinced of something nothing, not even facts can contradict  his tight grip on the truth.  I never owned a bulldog for that reason, but I now may enjoy him from time to time.)


There are those who would like revenge on our previous enemies, to have the New York Times on its knees and the rest of the morons who allowed the publication to be overrun by fanatics. I would like to dream up some suitable punishment but  I, for one, am happy that they have finally opened their eyes. Whether they were afraid of their younger employees, or were swept up by the enthusiasm and innocence of the young and began to mouth their slogans, I don’t know. Perhaps ever present liberal guilt, always feeling for and siding with the underdog, distorted their grip on reality. Perhaps, their guilt is so deep they wanted to punish themselves. In this case I am talking about the attack on white men. Unfortunately for us, what should have been an attempt to purify their own conscience turned into an attack on white men in general, on those who created the systemic .


What is happening now is nice but when they were on  rampage to assuage their guilt by improving America  I would have preferred  them to cry out their  Mia culpa  in the privacy of their souls.  It is our misfortune they had to share the guilt with all of us. I hope they got that out of their system or at least have begun to purge themselves, but rereading what I have written I don’t emphasize enough what good news it is for the Times to fight back at the intolerance developing within  its own camp.


One could see it coming.  Weeks ago they ran a news story revealing that far more dark money was  given to Democrats than Republicans.  That would not have been in the Times before.  They are also nibbling on  Hunter Biden’s corruption, a story, like PBS, they completely suppressed before the election. But today! Today!  Historians may  one day look at this editorial as a momentous change in direction, A chance for someone like me, and others like me,  to return to the liberal fold. I’m glad to be back.  There was truth in much that the right and central right  media pointed out about the left. Enemies can be the best critics. I enjoyed  the  glorious trumpeting  of liberal shibboleths and foolishness. But as of now  I can’t stand the carrying on that goes on among the right.  It is as bad as what goes on among the left.


I guess people are people.  Always have been.  Always will be.  Meaning the hate and goodwill in people should never be underestimated.  The question is finding the right way to channel them  so there is a chance that our good will outweighs the bad. Perhaps if the Times has now become moderate (and I assume soon the other copycat media will soon be as well)  we can all sigh a measure of relief. Let the peace making begin. The crazies on both side will once again be marginalized.  Alex Jones and AOC will be seen as nuts. There  can be a period of relative reasonableness. I suppose  otherwise the Democrats are going to be slaughtered in the next election. Not just the New York Times. Ordinary people recognized the absurdities of the extremists and will turn their attention elsewhere. It’s not too early to say goodbye to CNN and Fox News.

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